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This Transition website is a meeting place for existing and future transition communities on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Region Australia. Transition, Transition Towns, or the Transition Movement, is a grassroots network of communities, working to build local resilience in response to global economic collapse, peak oil and climate change. More ...

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The Planting

Friday 9th May
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Sunshine Coast, QLD

(about an hour and a half drive north of Brisbane, or 40 minutes west of Caloundra or an hour south of Noosa)

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Beyond Zero Emissions: What's Wrong with Big Green Tech

John Isaacs-Young:

The Green House is that venue at our local folk festival here on Australia's Sunshine Coast where environmental and related issues are promoted and work-shopped. There was a new presence this year at Woodford, an organization calling itself Zero Carbon Australia 2020 - Beyond Zero Emissions. These folk seemed to be very organized and had been given the large booth at the entrance to the venue. They promoted their cause with vigor on and off the program and were actively seeking recruits for a grass roots army for their campaign. Their 'not for profit' outfit is an example of Big Green Tech in action.

The session I attended, where Zero Carbon told their story, was conducted by a young lady who had learnt her stuff and she held our attention, delivering the blueprint for the transition to a completely de-carbonized Australian economy by 2020. Hundreds of experts are involved, she told us, and when the plans are complete, they will be handed over to corporations to implement. I was very impressed by the boldness of the vision, the quality of the research. And completely unconvinced of its legitimacy or the likelihood of its ever getting up. (More ...)

People's Food Plan

People's Food Plan discussion paper - draft

AFSA_PeoplesFoodPlan_DiscussionPaper_Web.pdf  [PDF 782KB]

More information at the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance website

Here are a few documents for people who are keen to be involved in helping or running People's Food Plan events:

Growing and Processing your own Coffee in South East Queensland

  • Coffee grows easily around here and yet everybody buys it
  • From far faraway
  • Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, all sorts of places
  • But it’s here in your own backyard, or could be
  • Why don’t we grow and use our own coffee?
  • Because processing it seems, is too daunting…
  • But in fact it’s not hard to do at all ... See how I do it  ...

Question Time after Nicole Foss’s Second Presentation at The Big Pineapple

Nicole answers questions from the floor - April 24th 2012 ... a transcript of a fascinating set of questions and surprising answers on a wide range of topics More ... 

Another Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

I was sent this letter (see below) from a group calling itself ‘One Hundred Percent Renewable Energy’

This ‘poll’ they are conducting is part of their grass roots campaign to have ordinary folk pressure politicians to fund Big Solar. This appears to be yet another ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ grass roots outfit like BZE, attempting to gain popular support for the benefit of giant corporate interests. It’s not the clean energy that’s objectionable of course. No, it’s the ‘Big’. More ...

The Transition Tool-Kit Initiative

Transition Sunshine Coast has an initiative that concerns itself with the building or purchase of different pieces of equipment that our community can use now and will need in the futures as big systems and services become increasingly unreliable. The aim is to increase the prevalence of scaled down, low and medium tech equipment in the community. More ...

Take a look at the following books and resources

In the meantime, if you're new to the concept of transition towns and want to find out how to empower yourself and your community, take a look at our list of books, DVDs and other resources

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LETS Nambour is going online

LETS (Local Energy Transfer System) Nambour is going online and you can join free ... read more»

Feedback from Community Connection Day

Alison Smith, who hosted the recent Community Connections day, based on her experiences this year at Findhorn, has shared a summary of the day

What the Economic Crisis Really Means

- and what we can do about it. Short video from Doing It Ourselves

Nambour Community Garden is up and running.

Nambour Community Garden - a project that started as an initiative of Transition Town Nambour

Procrastinator's Club

Membership Application Form and Membership Card

Costa talks about why he supports Transition Bondi

Short video of Costa talking about Transition Towns and Transition Bondi

Stainless steel wood gasifier

It’s a great piece of transition equipment.


The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience. View this and other titles.

The Transition Handbook
Buy Rob Hopkins' ground-breaking guide to transition and other titles ...


Queensland Garden EXPO 2013

Friday 5th, Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th July - Nambour Showgrounds Coronation Avenue, Nambour, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Fair Food Week August 19-25 2013

Can we make some plans for Sunshine Coast? Cat Green is really keen to connect with people to get a few Fair Food Week events up.

Monthly Coffee meetings

9.00 AM on each 3rd Saturday at the Food Hall Big Pineapple

Find a facilitator

Are you looking for a speaker on a certain topic or a group facilitator to kick-start your initiative?

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